"From little things, big things grow..." (Paul Kelly)

No matter the core purpose of your organisation, the people at all levels of your business (from customer-facing to senior leadership) are what will ultimately deliver on your success.  An investment in your people is an investment in the sustainability of your organisation, which will attract and retain the right talent within your workforce and give your business the leading edge against your competitors.

To build your leadership or team effectiveness, our service offerings include:

  • Facilitation of engaging and action-focused Strategy or Team Development days and/or offsite sessions
  • Development and implementation of team and/or leadership development programs.  Our approach to development programs also has the potential to incorporate individual or team diagnostic using tools in which we are accredited, such as Human Synergistics tools (Life Styles InventoryGroup Styles Inventory and Simulations – Accredited Practitioners), Team Management Profile (TMP) and the Managerial & Executive Wellbeing Survey (MEWS).
  • Leader as Coach – tailored workshop design and delivery for your formal and informal people leaders
  • Individual, tailored Strategy coaching aimed at senior leaders in your organisation
  • Leadership coaching, including our StepAdvantage™ and StepAdvantage™Plus Programmes, for first-time leaders or senior leaders in your organisation

For your tailored solution, contact us to benefit from the Seed People Consulting experience.

‘Undertaking the LSI experience and coaching with Stacey Kelly has been one of the most personally insightful and beneficial exercises I have ever done in my working career.  Stacey’s coaching style lead me to explore the most appropriate behaviours and traits I can improve to become more effective at both work and at home.  Key to the development outcomes was Stacey’s gently coaching me to my own exploration, insights and decisions around the cultural and behavioural traits that I will specifically work on to develop.

The programme and coaching has a high degree of empathy and relevance to my work career and behaviours, and gave me both the tools and drive to explore and develop a “better” me for both my company, colleagues and myself!’

Business Development Manager, ASX-listed Manufacturing Company.