5 steps to boost your team motivation in a hybrid environment!

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Hybrid work

Just when we thought we were going back to the office (or at least embracing hybrid), here we are – many of us still working from home! And really, an element of working from home, or flexible working, is here to stay. So how do you keep the team motivated and engaged?

In the war for talent, flexible and hybrid workplaces are reshaping the way we work, as businesses move away from the traditional 9 to 5 office environment. And this is a clear expectation from employees too.  

As a result of this workplace evolution, it’s become essential to create a truly engaged virtual workforce because a lack of motivation amongst staff can have a serious impact on productivity and staff morale.   

Whilst we’ve talked about leadership in a hybrid environment in past blogs, let’s refresh on 5 steps you can do as a team to keep up your team’s energy and productivity!

Find out what motivates your employees in a hybrid environment

When it comes to motivating employees, there isn’t a one size fits all approach. For some people, working from home has been a positive experience while others have found it a challenging and frustrating time.

Therefore, the most effective way to understand what motivates your team is to ask them. Simple, but regularly overlooked!  No 2 employees are the same, and we often assume that what motivates us, would motivate others.

As a leader, it’s worth talking directly with your team to get a deeper understanding of their motivations and the best way to help them remain engaged when working remotely. 

For some, it could be a financial reward, promotion or an extra day off, while for others it could be a simple thank you, team recognition or the offer of additional training. 

Create an inclusive hybrid environment

One of the best ways to motivate a hybrid team is by building trust, boosting employee confidence and ensuring everyone feels included and valued even when they’re not in the office.

Creating an inclusive team environment means everyone feels a part of the team no matter where they are working from. 

This could involve scheduling regular team meetings for a time when everyone is available and giving staff the chance to collaborate and share progress updates with one another despite their location.  Also time to have the ‘water cooler’ conversation – not just creating opportunities to connect on task, but also to connect as a team.

Communication is key

Open two way communication is essential no matter where employees are based but even more so when they’re working remotely. It’s imperative in a hybrid workplace for employees to feel connected and helps you to keep an eye out for signs of burn-out, low morale or fatigue

It’s important to establish clear communication channels that are inclusive for those working in the office and off-site. 

Thanks to the global pandemic, there are numerous communication platforms available these days to ensure teams remain connected from email or phone calls to the use of virtual platforms such as Slack, Trello, Teams or Zoom.

Recognise and reward successes 

A key driver of employee engagement is recognition so it’s important to continue to acknowledge staff for their ongoing contribution and dedication to the job especially in a hybrid workplace. 

Recognition and/or reward doesn’t have to cost anything!  It might involve rewarding individual and team successes by giving a shout out to people’s achievements via the intranet or group chat, or sending them a bottle of champers or a hamper to celebrate! 

Alternatively, you could show your appreciation by organising a virtual celebration that involves the whole team, arranging food platters to be delivered to team members to enjoy while celebrating over Zoom.

Organise non-work activities specific for your hybrid team

The move to a hybrid workforce has meant staff are missing out on the social interaction and engagement they would normally get when in the office. 

Why not incorporate virtual coffee dates with your team or schedule after-hours social events to keep the team connected and morale high?

It’s also worth promoting health and wellbeing in a hybrid workplace by ensuring employees take regular breaks by stepping away from their desks. Why not make it fun and organise COVID-friendly company activities such as virtual games and team challenges to boost morale, promote connection amongst the team and help motivate employees?

For more ideas on how you can help your team stay motivated and connected in a hybrid work environment, contact Seed People Consulting to discuss how we can help!

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Meet the author: Stacey Kelly

Stacey brings extensive industry experience and knowledge, as well as the energy, passion and inspiration of a great leader. She previously held senior people/cultures roles in private and public organisations, including Hunter TAFE and Insurance Australia Group (IAG).

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