Our story

Off-the-shelf HR consultancy? No way! We take the time to get to know you, your organisation and what makes you tick so that we can co-design the perfect solution to make your culture and business sing.

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Our business began life as a seed.

It was an idea that grew in the mind of our director, Stacey Kelly, as she worked the Sydney HR and consulting scene. She wanted to make a difference in how work is experienced. So, after moving back to the Hunter in 2014 – the place she grew up in and loves – she planted the seed and created us; a close-knit, bold and people-focused team.

From the beginning, we strongly believed (and still do!) that everyone deserves to go to work and feel fulfilled, be engaged and reach their potential. Now we work with organisations to do just that. We plant seeds of thought, help create growth, and cultivate better ways of connecting in your workplaces.

Over the years, we’ve toyed with generalist HR consultancy advice. But we’ve always gone back to what got us here; to the roots of our brand. That’s the positive stuff, the people stuff, the stuff that makes the most impact on success and is the heart of our passion and service offerings: culture & change, leadership and teams.

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Meet our team

Our small family of experienced people consultants love what they do. We help co-design workable solutions and have fun along the way!

Stacey Kelly

Founder and Principal Consultant

Our energetic community builder

Julia Fiore

Senior Consultant

Our people-focused idea connector

The values we work by

Spread positivity

We love what we do, and this shines through. We always bring genuine passion, positivity and a smile to work and give clients confidence there’s a better way.

Inspire trust

We create moments and spaces where people can be vulnerable and open up. This helps us build relationships, trust and loyalty and enable real collaboration.

Dive deep

We enjoy connecting with people and companies and understanding what makes them tick. This curiosity helps us tailor our services and give better advice.

Think fresh

We’re creative, strategic thinkers who love to learn and are proud to be ahead of the curve. We always find a way, even if it means more effort and energy.

Empower them

We educate our clients with knowledge they can take away, share and act on. By giving them the tools and resources, they don’t have to rely on us.

Stay in our lane

We know what our specialist areas are, and we don’t cross lanes. Instead, we work alongside other companies, not against them, as trusted referral partners.

Growing better communities

We love supporting local causes and charities and joining the dots in our community. Some we have a personal connection to.

Join our family

If culture, people and HR make you tick and you want to work in a fun, fast, open and collaborative workplace, we’d love to hear from you. Love coffee, team lunches and a glass of wine or two? Even better! We work hard to be fair, flexible, and family always comes first.

See what we’ve been up to

From our latest client events to attending industry conferences and our very own team building sessions, there’s always something going on.