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It can be hard to self-reflect on how to be an effective leader. How do we know if we’re hitting the mark with our Leadership? We might think we’re doing a great job, but how will we know if others feel the same? What impact are we having on those around us?

We all want to be the best version of ourselves and there’s no difference when it comes to Leadership – we should always strive to be the most effective leader we can be.

We know the difference an effective leader can make to a team and a business – effective leaders are respected by others and rewarded with closer working relationships and high-performance teams. They have the ability to accomplish tasks more productively because of the improvement in their work and team relationships – what’s not to like about that?

We thought we’d share a couple of tips to keep your team on track whilst consolidating some effective leadership traits for yourself:

Be effective by showing interest in those around you

listen attentively, ask questions, and give your full attention and consideration to the ideas of others.  It may sound easy, but take the time to notice your own behaviour the next time you’re chatting with your team members: are you truly present?  How do you show your team that you are fully present?

Use positive and supportive words to lead more effectively

In delivering your feedback. You can still provide constructive feedback without going for the jugular. Take time to plan your feedback first and think about how you would feel if you were on the receiving end – modify your language and message accordingly.

Lead by example, accept people for who they are

Acknowledge and appreciate their unique qualities and seek out opportunities to provide sincere appreciation for the things they do for you – it can go so very far.

Effective leaders are open about their feelings and thoughts

Be honest and direct in your dealings with others – vulnerability is a strength. The days of ‘strong and stoic’ leadership have passed; acknowledge your place as a real person and connect with your team on real issues.

A couple of things you might like to avoid to be an effective leader…

  • Limiting your accessibility to others (e.g. keeping your emails and messaging on ‘do not disturb’)
  • Consistently referencing how ‘busy’ you are
  • Avoiding communication and conversations with others
  • Demonstrating a lack of trust in people through micromanagement and excessive monitoring of work
  • Taking a pessimistic attitude toward changes and challenges
  • Making decisions and solving problems without input from others

Take a moment to think about your own Leadership style – is there some room for some new habits or perhaps some things we need to change?  

How is your Leadership effectiveness tracking? Take time in your interactions with your team and your peers – what are you thinking in response to that comment that your peer just made?  How quickly are you shutting down ideas from your team?  How are you making sure that you are truly present in your interactions and not distracted by thoughts, tech or other people?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us if there’s something you’d like to know more about or if you have some feedback of your own, about Effective Leadership!

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Meet the author: Julia Fiore

A born and bred Novocastrian, Jules started her career in retail and customer-facing roles. This built her love for people and customer service. After moving to the UK at 21 and ‘falling’ into HR, she climbed the early ranks to HR Advisor before returning home to Aus.

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