Employee or contractor

SMB HR Basics (Part 1) – People and Policies

Growing your team can be daunting.  What do I really need to know? Where do I start?

Seed People Consulting is proud to present a Four Part series of SMB HR Basics to help you set up your business with the core HR requirements (as well as a couple of bonus points!) to ensure you’re compliant, organised and ready to hire, motivate and manage a capable and supported team.

In this Part 1 of 4, we will cover the following topics:

  • What type of employee or contractor do I need?
  • What are the HR frameworks and policies that are necessary right from the outset?
  • What organisations and support networks are available to answer my questions?


HR Essentials Breakfast for SMBs – Port Stephens

Join us for our HR Essentials Breakfast, supporting SMBs in Port Stephens

Join us for an interactive complementary breakfast session with a group of peers who also operate similar-size businesses.  We’re keeping the group small, so that you can get the most out it – first in, best dressed, so reserve your ticket now!


Your People, Your Business – Lunch & Learn for Small-to-Medium Businesses (Newcastle)

Join us for our first Lunch & Learn, supporting SMBs in the Newcastle & Hunter Region

Join us for an interactive complementary Lunch & Learn session with a group of peers who also operate similar-size businesses.  We’re keeping the group small, so that you can get the most out it – first in, best dressed, so reserve your ticket now!


Kids in the Boardroom

As a mother and daughter – I was always being told (and tell my daughter) that we are capable of anything. We are not confined by gender to be successful – only by ourselves.   The 2014 #LikeAGirl campaign strikes a chord in me (as I’m sure it will with you). It is a short YouTube video that shows how children perceive the role of male and female. It also shows the pinnacle at which we are divided into gender.


If you build it, they will come

‘If you build it, they will come’if you build it

I’ve always loved this line out of Field of Dreams (1989). From a self-awareness perspective, we spoke last week about what self-awareness (missed it? Read here) is and why it’s important: the alignment of your internal world and your external world, enables you to increase your focus on doing what you’re best at, as well as increase your personal effectiveness to achieve your goals (both personal and professional).

This week, we’re focusing on the ‘how’.


How do I see what I am thinking?

“How do I see what I am thinking?”

Yesterday, my daughter chirped up from the backseat of the car and said ‘Mummy, how do I look inside my brain and see what I am thinking?’. I love the questions of children … whilst I appreciate the medical industry would have a different (and more medically accurate!) response to mine, my first thought turned to self-awareness. This was my chance to introduce my daughter to my work! So I responded, “The best way for us to see what we are thinking is to increase our self-awareness, honey …”, but I had already lost her to what was happening outside the car window.

It sparked my thinking on one of my well-loved topics … how do we best describe ‘self-awareness’? What’s it all about? Why is it really that important? And, most importantly, how do we ‘get’ self-awareness?


The WIIFM of Position Descriptions

We hear you – position descriptions are not the most exciting part of HR! They are however a hygiene factor that is regularly overlooked by organisations.

We’ve been working with a number of clients recently, on the design and implementation of new Position Descriptions., We’ve had some great conversations around why they need current and integrated Position Descriptions in their businesses ie, what’s in It for me (or WIIFM).

Let’s explore further …