The WIIFM of Position Descriptions

We hear you – position descriptions are not the most exciting part of HR! They are however a hygiene factor that is regularly overlooked by organisations.

We’ve been working with a number of clients recently, on the design and implementation of new Position Descriptions., We’ve had some great conversations around why they need current and integrated Position Descriptions in their businesses ie, what’s in It for me (or WIIFM).

Let’s explore further …


Your Top 5 Tips to Nailing Networking

Some of us love it, some of us it aren’t so keen, some of us know we should do more and some of us need a helping hand to get better at it.

We are talking about networking… an opportunity for like-minded professionals to come together, either physically or virtually, to share ideas and create new business opportunities.

There has been much written on this very topic – just search online and you’ll see much advice on it! Well not surprisingly so, we’ve been talking to a whole lot of people recently (yes, we’ve been networking to our heart’s content too) and we’ve taken this chance to highlight the best ideas on how to nail your networking skills.

As a result, we are happily sharing our top 5 networking tips for the week…


It’s Go for Launch!

Welcome to A seed of thought … our new blog from the Seed People Consulting team!

We’ll be posting fairly regularly in this space on a range of topics for which we are passionate – subjects such as team development, succession planning, coaching, and various HR themes.

Like us, this will be blogging that is genuine, informative, practical and to the point. We’ll let you know what trends we are seeing, what books we are reading and, we’ll share our thoughts on anything else that is capturing our attention!

We’d love to hear from you – what are you are interested in hearing our thoughts on?

Watch this space to hear our seeds of thought …