Client Spotlight- The Marketing GP

How this marketing consultancy found the solution to their HR needs

When you’re running a rapidly growing SME business, there are a lot of plates to keep spinning in the air, including the HR ‘plate’. The Seed HR Hub was the perfect solution for one of our customers, who not only wanted to ensure they met their human resources legislative requirements, but were also looking after their people.

The Marketing GP is a boutique marketing agency based in Newcastle, NSW.  Established in 2012, in 2017 the company underwent a major re-brand and has rapidly expanded the team to have seven dedicated marketers. For Marketing Operations Manager, Kylie Screen, this meant adapting quickly to the changing HR needs of the company. However, given how rapidly the business grew, setting up a whole HR system, including the paperwork to meet regulations, was an overwhelming task to approach.

This is where the Seed HR Hub proved to be the best fit. Below we discuss the value that the Seed People Consulting HR Hub has added to The Marketing GP.

Tell us a little about your organisation?

You may have known us under our previous brand – Just Holly. The Marketing GP is led by Holly Martin (the original Just Holly!), but as the team grew and our clients’ needs became more diverse, it became evident that a rebrand was needed. So, in 2016 Holly and I embarked on the rebranding journey that resulted in The Marketing GP.

We now have a dedicated team of seven marketers that service our clients’ needs. We consider it an absolute privilege to see the significant impact we can make on another SME business and so we knew when it was our turn to say we needed some help.


Tell us about your role in the organisation? What are you passionate about?

My early career in advertising and print production has given me a keen eye for detail and as Marketing Operations Manager at The Marketing GP I am the big picture thinker with the ability to hone in on the detail. I am responsible for the day-to-day interactions with our clients and working with our clients to set their strategy for success.

I also manage the day-to-day operations of the business and look after the HR needs of the team. I am passionate about ensuring our team have the right tools to fulfill their roles to their best potential. I am also known for my drive for getting things done, the right way, the first time.


What would you say are the biggest people challenges in your organisation?

As simple as it sounds, it really is just getting the right people in the right roles. It’s also around how we develop a culture of inclusion and healthy conversations. We are passionate about developing and embedding a culture that values authentic and real dialogue, as well as diversity of thought. With a great culture as a starting point, we are very lucky to have a great base to work from.

The other challenge and opportunity that we have is our geographically dispersed workforce. Whilst we have a headquarters (HQ), we also wanted to be flexible in our approach to what a ‘workplace’ means. So, our team are able to either work from HQ or from their home office. Our focus is on attracting highly-motivated and dedicated people, with the challenge of ensuring they still feel included and valued as part of the whole The Marketing GP team.


Can you briefly describe the work/project/employee issue that you sought Seed’s help with?

We sought out the help from Seed People Consulting as we were looking for advice on multiple areas. These included, contracts, pay rates, working hours and casual/permanent staffing.

After meeting with Stacey and Julia, we realised that the HR Hub was going to service all of our HR needs and did not hesitate in signing up.

The HR Hub has taken a lot of hassle out of bringing in new team members as well as ensuring existing team members are taken care of. One of the key templates is something that seems so simple – a New Starter Checklist. It covers off on all the elements that we need to consider, meaning we can have a structured approach to onboarding.

The Seed HR ensures we are starting out our relationship with our team members in a very professional way – we want our internal approach to reflect our external approach and the Hub has been instrumental in that.


How was the process of working through the design of that solution?

Our experience with Seed People Consulting was very smooth. The team were helpful both via email and happy to have a chat either in person or over the phone to discuss.

For us at The Marketing GP, the HR Hub has been an invaluable tool. It has been comforting knowing that we are making all the right choices for our HR because the paperwork created in line with current legislation.

Having the Hub available online and at our fingertips has meant there has been no need for us to reinvent the wheel. Having all the HR documents you need in one place is fantastic! All the contracts and policies are easy to update and personalise with our branding. So, while you’re using a standard template, there is nothing standard about the finished product.


What type of improvement have you seen in the work/project/employee issue since engaging with Seed People Consulting on the topic?

Since engaging in the use of the HR Hub the minefield that was HR is now easier to navigate. There is no more stress to ensure the documents we are using and issuing to staff meet standards and legislation as the work is already done for us.


How would you say Seed has added value to your organisation?

Having the HR Hub from Seed People Consulting has meant that we have an expert as part of the team. It also means that I can focus on other aspects of the business operations knowing that we have the best support system in place for our business and team members.


How would you describe your experience with Seed in three words?

Easy, reliable and focused.

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