What does it tell us?

Designed to promote constructive change, LSI enables participants to clearly understand what is enabling and hindering their personal effectiveness, with coaching to develop more constructive styles of thinking and behaving.

The LSI outlines how someone is thinking and/or behaving by plotting these around 12 styles on the LSI Circumplex, describing Constructive, Passive/Defensive and Aggressive/Defensive styles.


  • Clearly describes an individual’s thinking and behaviours in a way that promotes constructive change and authentic leadership
  • Significant increase in self-awareness as we explore similarities and differences between self and others’ view, increasing focus on improvement
  • Detailed support material provided to facilitate constructive change in thoughts and behaviours

Time Commitment

Approximately 30 minutes to complete the online inventory for self (plus inventory completion for others, as required for LSI 2) & 1.5 hour individual debrief with an Accredited Consultant, for each participant