Do you have a new team, and want to give them the tools to hit the ground running?


Do you have an established team, knowing that they could be even more effective?


Building a team of collaborating, highly functioning and focused team members can be a challenge!  Whether they are physically colocated or a virtual team, we have the tools and experience to enable you to get the most from you team (and have fun doing it).


Working with one of our experienced consultants and facilitators, we will codesign a tailored, engaging and practical team development session for your team - either together as a group, or in one of our virtual classrooms.  Areas to cover may include:

  • Establishing a common team purpose;
  • Articulating our team Values and Behaviours (what are our ways of working or rules of the game?)
  • Developing trust across the team
  • Building accountability in the team
  • Engaging more effectively with each other and our stakeholders
  • Building better understanding of ourselves and our team mates, including using the Team Management Profile
  • Understanding how we think and our impact on others, including using the Life Styles Inventory