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Fetch TV

Last year, Seed partnered with Fetch – a leading-edge technology and media company founded in Sydney in 2008.

After Fetch conducted an engagement survey, they discovered their team were keen to have a formalised, but still ‘Fetch-like’ Performance & Development approach. 

Through the facilitation of a number of workshops with Fetch’s people leaders, Seed guided them through the decision points to decide what their new performance management approach should look like and how they would approach its implementation.  As part of the workshops Fetch looked at what other leading organisations were doing in this space, and with Seed’s help, Fetch were able to come up with a customised fit-for-purpose solution for Fetch!

Read more, to hear about how Seed partnered with Fetch, both in the design of the solution, as well as the training and capability build of their people, to enable the new approach to be a success …

Tell us a little about your organisation?

Fetch TV is a leading-edge technology and media company.  We develop technology, aggregate content and provide the TV entertainment solution that is bundled into broadband and phone plans from Optus, iiNet, Internode, Dodo and iPrimus.  We also retail our Fetch entertainment platform directly to customers though Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee, and The Good Guys for use with any internet provider.

Founded in Sydney in 2008, we are an Australian managed business with backing from one of Asia’s leading pay TV providers, Astro All Asia Networks. We do a bit of what a traditional pay TV provider does and a whole lot more. We’ve got over 680,000 customers and are growing rapidly as Australians increasingly turn to internet delivered entertainment options. 

Our team is passionate about content, innovation, and partnerships and we’re committed to providing Australians with real choice and value in their entertainment options.

Tell us about your role in the organisation?  What are you passionate about?

I look after the HR function at Fetch.  It’s a standalone position, which sees me looking after the full HR remit for around 95 Sydney based staff.  It’s a great role and one where I’m learning each day.

What I’m really passionate about is ensuring that Fetch is, and continues to be, a fantastic place to come to work each day. This passion is one that is fully shared by the Senior Leadership Team.  We have an amazing and talented group of people, many of whom have been around since Fetch was launched 11 years ago which speaks volumes about what it’s like to work here.

Having said that, we’re still quite a young company and in the 5 years that I’ve been here we’ve really looked to put some solid people practices in place.  We’re always looking at how we can utilise best practice but put our own unique Fetch stamp on whatever we’re doing.

What would you say are the biggest people challenges in your organisation?

As I mentioned, we’re still quite a young company and we’re still laying down and improving the foundations for all of our people initiatives.  What worked well when we were a start-up now needs to be evolved to suit a larger and more established business.  This year our focus is on how we can better recognise and reward our team for their outstanding work, as well as  bedding down our approach to learning and development.

Can you briefly describe the work/project/employee issue that you sought Seed’s help with?

We conducted our 2nd engagement survey in 2018.  That survey told us that our team were keen to have a formalised Performance Development process rather than the informal approach that had previously been in play. 

Seed were engaged to facilitate a number of workshops with our people leaders to help us decide what our new performance management approach should look like and how we would approach its implementation.  As part of the workshops we looked at what other leading organisations were doing in this space, and with Seed’s help we were able to come up with a customised fit for purpose solution for Fetch.

Once we had the solution, Seed were also engaged to train our staff on the process of giving and receiving feedback, coaching and goal setting.

How was the process of working through the design of that solution?

Seed People Consulting were fantastic in helping us come up with the workshop design and getting us to the end solution through excellent facilitation.  We are now close to completing one full cycle of our new Performance Development program which has been very well received across the business. 

Seed really took the time to understand the particular nuances of our business and the people we attract.  The feedback from staff who attended the workshops and subsequent training was very positive.

What type of improvement have you seen in the work/project/employee issue since engaging with SPC on the topic?

Our 3rd engagement survey was conducted late last year after completing a formal and informal review cycle of our new Performance Development program, along with the introduction of some other initiatives within the business.  The Performance Development program and the other new initiatives resulted in a significant uplift in our engagement score.  Fetch now sits above the benchmark for ANZ media organisations, which is a great result for us.

How would you say Seed has added value to your organisation?

Seed really took the time to understand the business and guide us to a customised, fit for purpose solution.  The Seed team are very knowledgeable with excellent facilitation skills.  They were able to get us to where we needed to be in a well-considered, effective and simple way.

How would you describe your experience with Seed in 3 words?

Professional, reliable, respectful

Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your experience with Seed People Consulting?

We met with a few consultants before engaging Seed to assist us.  We found Seed to be easy to deal with and people who have great subject matter expertise. They really did work alongside us to help come up with the right solutions for Fetch.

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Meet the author: Stacey Kelly

Stacey brings extensive industry experience and knowledge, as well as the energy, passion and inspiration of a great leader. She previously held senior people/cultures roles in private and public organisations, including Hunter TAFE and Insurance Australia Group (IAG).

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