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Providing your leaders and teams with the toolkits they need to amplify their performance, bringing out the best in themselves and each other.

HR Projects

Whether you need additional capacity to implement your project, or you need thought leadership to develop your solution – we can help.

Specialised Coaching

We take a specialised approach to our programs, focusing on: Career/Transition Coaching, Personal Effectiveness and New to Leadership Coaching.

Accredited Diagnostic Tools

Team Management Profile

The TMP enables individuals and organisations to better understand how to boost individual and team effectiveness, close potential gaps across teams and boost stakeholder engagement (either internally or externally).

Opportunities – Obstacles Quotient (QO2) Profile

The QO2 enables individuals and organisations to better understand how to boost individual and team effectiveness, close potential gaps across teams and boost stakeholder engagement (either internally or externally).

Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)

Providing us with a comprehensive assessment of wellbeing, GLWS captures the essence of participants’ physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing.

Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI)

The LSI outlines how someone is thinking and/or behaving by plotting these around 12 styles on the LSI Circumplex, describing Constructive, Passive/Defensive and Aggressive/Defensive styles.

Why Work With Us


Having received a recommendation, we engaged Seed People Consulting to initially work with our Leadership team in working together, to be a highly effective team.  Stacey Kelly, Principal Consultant, introduced to the team the diagnostic tool Life Styles Inventory (LSI).  Stacey worked with each individual and the team as a whole.  The feedback and results were so powerful that we followed onto engage Stacey in working with our whole organisation.  The purpose of her engagement was to assist us in increasing our overall organisational customer satisfaction score.  Stacey has been incredibly knowledgeable, insightful and efficient in providing services to our people.
Seed People Consulting has been a  valuable partner to our business this year and I would  highly recommend them.

Kirsten Molloy | CEO

Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator (HVCCC)

We use Seed every year to conduct our Employee Engagement Survey.  As a business employing close to 200 people, our annual Engagement Survey is a critical “check in”, enabling us to forward plan and build our HR Strategy.  Seed have taken the time to understand our business and tailor a solution that adds value through practical insights, accompanied by an effective action plan.

Will Barton | CEO


It has been great to partner with Seed People Consulting on the development of our Leadership Capability Framework. While we had a concept and ideas Stacey helped us develop this into a workable format, engaging and consulting with key stakeholders across the organisation in a way that had not been done before, that articulates the Leadership Capabilities we need as an organisation. Stacey’s consultative approach and ability to get the best out of the people in workshops helped us move through the process smoothly and quicker than expected. We are pleased to continue this partnership into other projects and I would recommend their work to others seeking an outcome focused collaborative partner.

Michael Eichler | Learning & Development Manager

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Starting out as a micro business we weren’t ready to get outside HR help, but as we grew we realised it was an essential element of successful growth. We have found the hub invaluable, with a huge range of policies, procedures and templates at our fingertips. And the consultation session we had with the Seed team meant we were able to ask questions specific to our business, as well as gain reassurance that we were on the right track. At the end of the day you ‘don‘t know what you don’t know’ so it was really vital to us to get the assistance of Seed.

Holly Martin | Chief Marketer

The Marketing GP
Seed People Consulting, HR Consulting Newcastle Human Resources - Grow Your Team 98751534 (3)

As a small business, people management is our number one stressor. We have spent way too much time trying to navigate through industrial awards and employee behaviour, without the assurance of 100% compliance. Seed People Consulting have been our answer. We can either choose to access our HR document templates online through their Seed HR Hub, whenever we need it, or they are only ever a phone call away.  Seed gives us real life answers, interpreting the complex Fair Work legislation and HR landscape, so that it’s practical and easy to understand.

Heidi Henry | General Manager

Enviroculture Maintenance Services
Macquarie University

We have had the pleasure of working with Seed People Consulting on a number of occasions. The team facilitated a Team Management profile workshop with our HR leadership team and was then asked back to facilitate our annual leadership team offsite. Seed are fantastic at facilitating team sessions. They build a strong rapport with their clients and have a depth of expertise in guiding the group with generating ideas, planning and decision making. Seed is incredibly adaptable in their approach and work collaboratively with us to help shape the delivery of two very successful days.

Beth Whitney | Lead Consultant Organisational Development

Macquarie University
Seed People Consulting Testimonial Reviews (3)

Stacey and Julia from SEED Consulting are always a pleasure to deal with. They are professional and thorough in service, are a great fit for the needs of our business as well as our culture and I happily recommend them for any assistance facilitating People and Workplace strategy days.

Catherine Mordaunt | General Manager People and Workplace

Anglican Care
Seed People Consulting Testimonial Reviews (1)

Bridge and Civil required assistance in preparing a compliant enterprise agreement that was tailored to suit the company’s operational needs, as well as an experienced HR practitioner to be an independent party to ensure the process of consultation with the workforce was completed in a manner that dotted all ‘I’s and crossed all ‘T’s. The team at Seed People were a pleasure to work with, they were contactable, prompt and provided updates on the progress of the items that were in their control. The goal for Bridge and Civil was to have an enterprise agreement registered with the Fair Work Commission. This goal was achieved with the help of Seed People. There will be more opportunities for Bridge and Civil to work with Seed People and we are looking forward to that.

Shannon Drewe | General Manager

Bridge & Civil
Seed People Consulting Testimonial Reviews (2)

Working with Stacey Kelly and the team at Seed People Consulting has proved to be a valuable partnership for our organisation. When we decided to develop a leaders’ coaching program to equip our leaders to coach and better engage their staff, Seed stepped to the fore and created a program that not only met the brief, but challenged our thinking to go even further. Seed produced an effective program that was a measurable success for our key leaders and staff alike. I would recommend Seed to any organisation that is seeking to partner with a skilled and professional organisation that offers the range of services Seed offers.

Adam Leonard | General Manager People and Culture

Seed People Consulting Testimonial Reviews (1)

I was initially introduced to Stacey and the team from Seed People Consulting around 2 years ago when they provided some ad hoc HR support/advice during some restructuring activities. As of Jan 2019, we have now outsourced all our HR/IR requirements to the team at Seed. Seed support us across the complete employee life cycle from recruitment and onboarding through to performance management and separation. With over 400 employees, Seed has helped us streamline and standardise our processes and is the frequent source of invaluable HR advice. More recently we have had Seed run leadership development workshops, one-on-one management coaching and also advisory/workshop sessions around building our organisation a sustainable employee focussed culture. I would be happy to provide the team at Seed my recommendation for any of your HR, IR or Talent Management needs.

Warwick Marx

Life Pharmacy Group
Seed People Consulting Testimonial Reviews (4)

"Being a start up company, we have limited time and resource, and it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest policies or create employee documents from scratch. At first we used the Seed Hub to get templates for policies and contracts, but as we have grown, its been great to have Julia, Stacey and the Seed team to ask specific employment questions or navigate unusual and new areas. We love this model of being able to easily access information online as we need, when we need, any time of day, but knowing in the background as we grow we have a partner that will be able to provide everything we need as well"

Brett Griffiths

Hover UAV

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