Specialised Coaching

Every person is different. That’s why we tailor every coaching programme to the needs of the individual: to unlock your potential and personal effectiveness. With over twenty combined years’ experience in coaching, Seed People Consulting prides itself on the approachable, genuine and respectfully-challenging nature of our coaches.

We specialise in three key areas of individual coaching:

Career Coaching

Whether it’s as part of an Outplacement (Career Transition) programme, or standalone to create your career strategy, we work with individuals through our CareerClear™ programme to provide clarity on your next career move, with the toolkit to support your success.

New to Leadership Coaching

Every leader needs to ensure that they have the right insights and awareness to maximise their level of success.

Ensure their time in your organisational is what you all want – a huge success! Our StepAdvantage and StepAdvantage Plus programmes give your new leaders the toolkit they need to excel in this transition from technical specialist to inspirational leader.

Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Our tailored approach enables you to unlock your potential, no matter where your area of focus may lay. It may be about stakeholder engagement, prioritisation, tailoring their communication style, or any number of areas of focus. We work with you to unlock your inner thoughts on the things that will enable your success.

Help your new employee feel well supported when they join your business to reaffirm that joining your business was the right decision.


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