Life Pharmacy Group – Client Spotlight

This year, Seed partnered with the Life Pharmacy Group – a group who locally own independent pharmacies across NSW and the ACT. The Life Pharmacy Group is dedicated in providing the best healthcare and customer service for all the communities they serve.

As the year draws to a close, Seed had the chance to sit with Chief Operating Officer, Warwick Marx to share his thoughts on Life Pharmacy Group and Seed’s partnership for 2019.

1. Tell us a little about your organisation?

Life Pharmacy Group  is a group of community pharmacies located in regional NSW and the ACT.  Our Sydney based head office provides finance, payroll and human resource functions along with operational and professional support. 

2. Tell us about your role in the organisation?  What are you passionate about?

As the COO, my team is responsible for the delivery of all of the operational and professional support required to run a modern pharmacy.  This includes everything from human resources and finance to communications and IT.

I am passionate about ensuring our people are equipped (both personally and technically) to provide the best health care to the communities in which our pharmacies operate.

3. What would you say are the biggest people challenges in your organisation? 

Our biggest people challenges are attracting, developing and retaining the right people.  These challenges also vary based on location.  For example, in regional areas it can be very difficult to find appropriately qualified staff and it is also hard to access training, in the ACT we have issues with staff retention given the plethora of government jobs available.

4. Can you briefly describe the work/project/employee issue that you sought Seed’s help with? 

In order to gain access to a wider range of skills and also bandwidth  we sought the help of Seed and subsequently transitioned from an inhouse HR model to a fully outsourced HR model.  We have engaged Seed to cover most of our HR administrative functions along with industrial relations support.  In addition to this Seed have also run a number of leadership workshops and facilitated team building and presentations at offsites.  

5. How was the process of working through the design of that solution?

The process was smooth and professional.  We followed a consultative process that involved a number of workshops, including a debriefing session with the outgoing internal HR team.  Seed worked with us to redesign some of our workflows to meet the outsourcing requirements helped us support our staff through the transition from an internal to an external model.

6. What type of improvement have you seen in the work/project/employee issue since engaging with SPC on the topic? 

The biggest improvement we have seen is an increase in bandwidth – we have gone from having a single in house HR person to having the support of a multi-disciplinary team with the ability to assist with everything from Admin and IR to facilitation and training.  

7. How would you say Seed has added value to your organisation?

The value has been in the improved bandwidth (which includes role backup when people are away) and the ability of the team to provide higher level services, like the consulting services that we didn’t previously have access to internally. 

8. How would you describe your experience with Seed in 3 words? 




9. Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your experience with Seed People Consulting? 

I was initially introduced to Stacey and the team from Seed People Consulting around two years ago when they provided some ad hoc HR support/advice during some restructuring activities. As of Jan 2019, we have now outsourced all our HR/IR requirements to the team at Seed. Seed support us across the complete employee life cycle from recruitment and onboarding through to performance management and separation. With over 400 employees, Seed has helped us streamline and standardise our processes and is the frequent source of invaluable HR advice. More recently we have had Seed run leadership development workshops, one-on-one management coaching and also advisory/workshop sessions around building our organisation a sustainable employee focussed culture. I would be happy to provide the team at Seed my recommendation for any of your HR, IR or Talent Management needs.