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When we start our business, we often do it to follow a passion or to quench that thirst for being our own boss. We may build a team of specialists, focusing on financials or legals, but what about when you start growing your team?  Are you confident that you are ticking all your ‘People’ compliance boxes, that your documents and processes are accurate and that you are getting the most out of your team?

That’s where Seed People Consulting comes in.  We’ve designed a suite of HR solutions so that you can choose the one that suits you best. We also have convenient payment options, enabling you to manage your cash-flow in the way that works for your business.

Our model focuses on building strong relationships with our clients, supporting your business at every stage – start up, growth, maintenance and consolidation. We are the helping hand to set up documents and frameworks that are simple and protect your business. We are the on-call advice to help solve complex issues or build people plans that move your business to the next phase. Everything you need to free yourself to focus on the areas that need you most.

SME HR Advice & Support Packages

Seed HR Hub

per annum


per month (billed monthly)

24/7 access to the Seed HR Hub, including resources and templates designed to keep you on track and build your highly-effective team. This package includes more than 45 relevant documents, made up of:

  • Guidelines to answer your everyday HR questions
  • Templates Letters / Contracts
  • Core Policy / Procedures
Seed HR Plus

per annum


per month (billed monthly)

All the benefits of Seed HR Hub, plus:

  • Additional Guidelines,
  • Template Processes / Letters and
  • Policy / Procedures


An annual consultation session, either on your premises or over Skype, of up to 2 hours with one of our specialist Consultants to help you plan your year and answer any HR questions you have.

Seed HR Elevate

All the benefits of Seed HR Plus, plus your choice of on-call HR support and a dedicated Consultant for:

Up to 2 hours per month


Up to 4 hours per month


Up to 10 hours per month

NB: Additional hours can be flexibly purchased each month, as needed

SME Projects: Consulting ‘Bank’ Packages

If you know that you would prefer to work on a project basis, you can purchase ‘banks’ of consulting hours for us within a 3 month period. You can choose between packages of:

10 hours’ Consulting  OR  15 hours’ Consulting  OR  20 hours’ Consulting

Call us to chat about the package and budget that works for you.

Ready to invest in an HR Information System to take your key people processes online?

We proudly partner with Employment Hero to project manage and support the implementation of an HR Information System (HRIS) into your business.  Find out more about the Benefits of an integrated HRIS for your business here.