Part 2: Don’t stop ‘til you get enough… How to keep your team energised and motivated to close out the year!

The Holidays are upon us!

Welcome to Part 2 of our End of Year Blogs – last time we spoke about ensuring compliance in your business for end of year, this time we’d like to share with you some tips to get you and your team through to 2019 with enthusiasm and smiles on faces!

For most businesses, the holiday season is a fairly hectic time – not just for Managers and Business Owners, but for your team members as well. Everyone is juggling the responsibilities of family, end of year catch-ups with friends, shopping, cooking, school holidays as well as still coming in to work everyday to do the best for your business.


So in this busy period, it’s important to be understanding of obligations and stresses both for ourselves, and for our colleagues and team members.


Rewarding and recognising team members at this time of year doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Read on for some simple ways you can recognise and reward your team, thanking them for all their hard work and dedication.


Whether you and your team are celebrating Christmas, or different cultural celebrations, it’s a time to be grateful and appreciative for everything 2018 has given, and 2019 will deliver!


Reward & Recognition to End the Year


  • If you’re having some time off, help employees to plan their last weeks at work before the break– get everyone together to talk about how best to ‘kick goals’ and close things out before the end of the year. This can be a powerful tool to help employees feel less stressed and more supported in this hectic time of year;


  • Have fun– take some time to think about some creative ways to reward your team in ways that help them to ‘switch-off’ and relax, even if it’s just for 15 minutes one day a week. Could you order lunch in? Maybe have a weekly Christmas Cook Up in the team room, to share over those quick cups of coffee in between customers? Try setting down some ‘designated fun time’ to help people to stay on top of things;


  • Bring Christmas to them – for customer-facing business such as retail and hospitality providers, think about bringing the Christmas Cheer in-house – decorate the front-of-house area; allow your team members to dress up in holiday attire; play some Christmas carols and encourage everyone to focus on the joy of the holiday season, not the heavy workload;


  • Reward them– if you have the means, think about providing your team members with a monetary bonus of some kind – even a minimal gift voucher or additional payment in the final pay run for the year can mean mountains for people struggling with the expense of the busy season;


  • Plan a party or team get together– if you can spare the time before Christmas, get your team together out of the office. If Christmas is your busiest time, put something in the calendar for January once you get through the rush!


  • Be flexible– where possible, give your employees the ability to plan their work around the pressing commitments outside of work, this is a simple yet meaningful way to reward your team;


  • Gift some time to shop!I once worked for a business where every December, each employee was given half a day of leave to finish their Christmas shopping. This time was greatly appreciated – being able to avoid the crowds on the weekends, and/or shop without the kids or other pressing matters hanging off me, was such a joy!


  • Say Thank you – If you don’t have the time or the means to deliver anything else, think about a simple team meeting to say thanks. A simple gesture can be extremely powerful and appreciated by the people around you.


All businesses are different, have a think about what is practical and meaningful in your team and plan for it. And don’t forget to talk about why you’re doing it! Regardless of how or when you decide to reward or recognise, tell your team and colleagues how much you appreciate them, thank them for their hard work and commitment for 2018 and into 2019.


If you’d like to learn more about Reward and Recognition, visit our Seed HR Hub or phone (02) 4967 6695 to chat with one of our Consultants.


Thank YOU for 2018!


So, to close out, and in the spirit of this Blog series, we’d like to take the time to say thank you to you, our clients and customers.


We so appreciate all of your support and hope that the upcoming holiday season is stress-free, safe, happy and successful for you, your team members, your families and your business!


Merry Christmas from our team to yours – we look forward to inspiring you and keeping you up to date in 2019.

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