Team Development

Your people are your most important asset. So how much time are you spending on team development?

It is encouraging to see the shift that has occurred, with organisations becoming much clearer on the importance of valuing their employees – however no one can work effectively in isolation, so team development is just as significant.

The key to a great team is communication. Because if people are working by themselves, don’t understand the instructions, or don’t receive clear instructions, it becomes very difficult for them to contribute meaningfully to the end objective.



A group of people, with complementary skills, all working towards the same goal.

A group of skilled individuals can work on their set tasks. But a team of skilled individuals can use each other’s strengths to successfully complete their tasks to the best of the team’s ability. A team working together is stronger than a group working individually. The old saying really comes to mind here – “two (or even more!) heads are better than one”.

Build it (with them) and they will come

Team development is not about forcing corporate jargon and motivational sentiment down the throats of your team members, it is about talking with your teams to see what is, and isn’t, working, and figuring out why.

Everyone deserves (and generally wants) to work in an environment that is productive, motivating and in which they feel safe – both physically and mentally. Employees are simply more productive in this environment.

The nurturing atmosphere created when a team works well together ensures everyone feels valued. In return for this feeling, staff tend to work harder. They are happy to put in the extra effort to give back to a team they value, and they are willing to work more to make a meaningful contribution to the team.

The best work environment is one that you want to work in. If you build it with your team – considering their needs – it will be the right environment for them.

Be objective

It’s very hard for teams to diagnose their issues internally –an objective third party leading the discussion can help you to identify any pitfalls and start to move towards solutions.

For example, Seed People Consulting are an independent resource for team development which can provide an objective view of the current state of teams and facilitate practical ideas and actions for improvement.

You may be able to feel that something is wrong, and we can help you figure out what it is – no bias, completely objective, and totally supportive.

Once we figure out where the issues are, we build personalised team development sessions for the individual organisation, to address the issues found. We save any drama or bias that often arise from in-house conflict and are able to find and solve any problems with minimal fuss.

Implementation is the key

There is no point learning a new skill if you aren’t going to use it – and it is the same for team development.

No matter how well your team development session goes, if you don’t implement it back in the office, it will have all been for nothing. Like any good habit or skill, it needs to be practiced and strengthened. This means participation from all relevant people – there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’!

The best thing about the implementation, is that it means there is a return on your investment in your team, in more ways than one. Seed People Consulting provide long term solutions, support and follow through, to ensure that you see the change that you’re seeking, and achieve the results that you need for your business.

Track your outcomes

The end goal is always a boost in effectiveness, collaboration and productivity.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

Seed People Consulting can be your independent resource, working to get your team on track and all working towards the same goal.

Get in touch so we can help you ensure you have a cohesive, collaborative and self-aware team.

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