Ready to Hire? 4 Essential Steps to Take Before Calling a Recruiter


This month, the Seed People Consulting team are bringing you a guest blog from our friends at GWG Partners!

GWG Partners are an award-winning Hunter Region-based recruitment company, helping clients unearth talent and find the best people for their business.

Read on to hear their advice on the 4 essential steps you should take, before calling a specialist recruiter …


The first few months of the year are a busy time for most SMEs. Not only is business picking back up after the Christmas break, but a few changes are also likely to be happening, especially in terms of staffing.

The new year is a common time for both individuals and businesses to re-evaluate their situations and potentially decide to make some changes. This could result in some restructuring, or the creation of new positions – either way, it usually means one thing: hiring new people.

If this sounds familiar, you might be feeling the pressure right now in terms of recruiting. It can be a tough gig finding the right person for a job, so engaging a recruitment agency to help with the process is always a good move. But there are a few things you should do before jumping on the phone with your recruiter.

Let’s take a look at some helpful steps you can take to prepare for the recruitment agency process!

  1. Consider your workforce planning and organisation design

The early months of each year are a great time to review and update your workforce planning, especially if you’re planning on bringing in new staff. Start by taking things back to basics: consider the key objectives of your organisation and define exactly what you need to achieve those objectives, both at the present time and into the future.

This is the time for strategic workforce planning and savvy organisation design. Ensuring your company has the most effective structures and processes in place is essential for optimising performance and reaching goals, especially if big changes are afoot or significant growth is on the cards.

HR specialists like those at Seed People Consulting can help with this process through consulting and support for SMEs.

  1. Create a killer position description

A well-thought-out position description is key to recruiting the right talent. The faster you can provide your recruiter with this all-important info, the faster they can set about matching you with a candidate who fits the bill.

If you’re having trouble nailing the perfect position description, did you know you can get in touch with Seed People for help in this area? Whether you need to create a PD from scratch or rework an existing one, the Seed team can work with you to ensure potential employees understand what’s required of the role, as well as the benefits they’ll gain through employment with your company.

And speaking of ‘what’s in it for them’…

  1. Research salary benchmarks

Having an up-to-date idea of salary benchmarks for various positions and industries is key when seeking out new talent. Salaries can vary according to location as well as a range of other factors such as supply and demand. For this reason, it’s important to have a good understanding of local salary ranges and standards, and to bring this across in your recruitment process.

Newcastle- and Hunter-based businesses can check out the GWG Partners salary guide for an overview of local salary ranges and benchmarks.

  1. Seek out a specialised recruiter

If you’re looking to fill a specialised position, it makes sense that you’d choose a specialised recruiter to help you do so.

Each industry is unique – every job within each industry even more so. For this reason, your best chance of recruitment success is to work with a recruiter who’s an expert in your particular sector.

Critical to the success of the engagement will be establishing a positive working partnership with your recruiter. Make some time to meet with them at the beginning of the process so they can represent your business and the opportunity like they are part of your team.

The better your recruiter knows the ins and outs of an industry (and what it takes to succeed therein), the better chance you’ll have at hiring a team that takes your business to new heights.


If you follow these steps before engaging a recruiter, you’ll be well on your way to finding the employees you need to help your business succeed. Happy hiring!

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