Our specialties

We don’t deliver full-spectrum HR consulting services. Instead, we focus on what matters most – culture, leaders and teams – to plant the seed of change your organisation needs. Ready for some ‘aha’ moments?

Your people are your business’ biggest asset.

They impact your workplace culture, ability to change, and ultimately your business outcomes. But they can also be your biggest challenge – a challenge that can be hard to overcome when you’re sitting inside the box.

Enter your people team! We bring a fresh point of view and plenty of strategy and ideas to help you identify and solve your people-related problems. After digging deep, we co-design and deliver the perfect solution to help your teams and business bloom and grow.

Our specialties
Our specialties
Our specialties

Our 5 steps to success

We partner with you and/or your organisation on an ongoing or project basis. To find the right solution, we follow five key steps.

Ready to dig deeper?

Perhaps you want support with one, or maybe we need to dive into all three. In many cases, this only becomes clear once we get started.

Culture & change

We work with you to articulate your purpose, culture and behaviours, achieve clarity and consistency, plus effectively manage change.


We help you explore the key facets of successful leadership, identify existing gaps in your leaders’ styles and help develop them.


Whether physical or virtual, we have the tools and experience to enable your team to be their best – and have fun doing it!

Our accredited diagnostic tools

Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)

Measures the social-emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing of leaders in your organisation.

Team Management Profile (TMP)

Gives you insights into how you prefer to work and how you’re likely to interact with others in the workplace.

Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0)

Measures an individual’s emotional intelligence. It’s based on 15 competencies grouped into five composites.

Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI)

Uses self-assessment (LSI 1) and colleague feedback (LSI 2) to identify your thinking and behavioural styles (strengths/development areas).


Our discovery sessions typically run for up to 2 hours. They usually involve us asking lots of questions, understanding key playmakers for your project, what’s worked well in the past and how we can design your project to hit the mark, just for you!

Anywhere you choose. We can come to your office, you can come to The Pod, or we can meet somewhere off-site, such as a cafe. We can also meet virtually over video if that suits you better.

Typically, we’ll run workshops or sessions involving your team/s and/or leaders. These may include evidence-based theory, tools and knowledge sharing, interactive activities, practical application of learning and lots of opportunities to discuss and engage as a group.

This depends on what you want to achieve. We’ve done everything from two hours up to three days!

Usually just one of our team, but sometimes two for larger groups.

This depends on what we’re doing and whether diagnostics tools are involved. Our co-designed solutions are tailored, meaning our quotes are tailored, too!