Ticking the compliance boxes for FY19

Did you hear about the Fair Work decision regarding Award and minimum pay rises recently?  Did you also hear about Fair Work’s commencement of prosecutions aimed at the ‘gig economy’? In this blog, we explore what you need to do to make sure you kick off FY19 with your compliance boxes ticked!

Wage Increases

Four-Yearly Review of Modern Awards

The Fair Work Commission has indicated that it will aim to complete it’s four-yearly review of modern awards over the next six months, with the majority of new or amended Awards coming into effect from early 2019.

Whilst we are still to see the detail of the suggested amendments, the Commission’s review will be based on consultation research completed with 47 small businesses across NSW and Victoria.  The key findings of this research being to make the Award system as simple as possible for businesses, removing inconsistencies between Awards and the National Employment Standards (NES), and implementing key decisions made by the Commission, such as those impacting on the Retail and Hospitality industry and weekend penalty rates.

We’ll keep you posted as the changes come to fruition! But in the meantime, if you’d like any help with your compliance, please get in touch.

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