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Virtual Learning

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Virtual Learning

Everything has changed ... but we're still human.

Are you needing to mobilise a virtual workforce, but don't want to lose sight of developing your people?


The future of work is now.  We need to 'relearn how we learn'.


Are you looking for a truly interactive learning experience - not just a webinar with delivery of 1-way information?


Welcome to Seed People Consulting's Virtual Masterclasses.


This is not another boring 1-way lecture ... this is highly interactive, as close to being in a face to face workshop as possible.

Think whiteboards, break out rooms, interactive discussions and live polls, quizzes and wordclouds ... we've got it all.

Not just that, but all of our Masterclasses are limited to no more than 12 participants per Masterclass, providing you with an exclusive learning experience.

This is a game changer for the virtual learner.

Each of our Virtual Masterclasses is facilitated by one of our experienced and qualified Consultants. 

We're always adding to our suite of virtual learning opportunities!

Contact the Seed People Consulting team today, to discuss our current suite of virtual learning opportunities.

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Want a solution tailored specifically to your organisation?

The Seed People Consulting team will work closely with you to codesign a suite of virtual learning opportunities which will keep your leaders and teams:

  • Engaged in their work
  • Developing their skills
  • Building their resilience to our new ways of working
  • Building and maintaining highly connected, yet virtual, workplaces

Contact us to discuss the needs specific for your organisation and we will codesign and tailor either a modulised, or programmatic, development approach that works for you and your people.

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